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Live 12.27.2002 @ the Glasshouse: anyone have it?

Started by ace, May 08, 2008, 09:46:00 pm

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i know someone recorded this show, as i used to have a copy of it. does anyone still have it? i was there and am desperate to hear it again! thanks for help.


I believe its available for download on our bootleg FTP server.

To learn more (and access the motherload) read this thread:


well well well, thank you sir. it is indeed there.

the whole reason i wanted this was because i scored the setlist after the show and found it recently as i was going through some of my old stuff. good memories.
i had forgotten that this recording was incomplete, however. unfortunate :(


So I've lost this again. And would kill to listen to it. Anyone have it? Bootleg FTP seems to be down.