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Rare Ozma-related music in lossless?

Started by ace, June 10, 2011, 12:41:36 am

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Hello all. It's been a LONG time since I've ventured on to these boards.

I'm interested in once and for all completing my Ozma collection in lossless (preferably FLAC) format.
For info on what FLAC is:
How to rip in FLAC:

I'm not interested in anything that's still available retail. Only rare DB-Ryen-Ozma-related stuff that was once available on CD and is now no longer available. Let me stress that I'm looking for actual lossless CD copies. Not anything you made yourself on a CDR. The main releases I'm looking for are:
Ozma - Songs Of Audible (or Inaudible) Trucks And Cars
Ozma - Denise (from the Japanese import of The Doubble Donkey Disc)
Commuter Music - Kick The Tires And Light The Fires
Daniel Brummel And The Contraband - Sound Mind (+Extras) (or without extras)
Monstro - Ocean Floor Demos

Anything else you have a legitimate CD copy of that's Ozma-related would also be appreciated. I can trade my lossless copy of the Yes Dear EP and Utsukushii Shibuya (Japanese Version) from the Japan Import of Spending Time On The Borderline.

If you can't figure out the ripping process and live in Southern California, I'd be happy to come by your place or meet you somewhere and we can chat/listen to tunes/reminisce about the band while I rip them on my laptop. I live in Glendale. I hope this isn't against the rules. It shouldn't be. This music is no longer available commercially.

If any of the band still read the boards and wanna hang out? I'm also game. Let's go to Six Flags again. Now I just sound like a lame fanboy. I guess I kind of am.