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Known Cover Songs

Started by imatreeandurnot, June 23, 2006, 04:06:28 pm

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Written in 2000 by Ozma. Archived here for future generations.

extended repertoire:

"over the years, ozma has butchered several well known tunes, presenting them as "cover songs." these songs, in performance, range from close to verbatim reproductions of the original (like peter schilling's "major tom") to updated arrangements of favorites (like a power-pop version of the beatles' "she loves you"). covers done include":

    * major tom (coming home) - peter schilling
    * just what i needed - the cars
    * in a big country - big country
    * drain you - nirvana
    * i'm only sleeping - the beatles
    * sierra madre - rewrite of "santa monica" by everclear
    * trainstop - ritual purple
    * you gave your love to me softly - weezer
    * she loves you - the beatles
    * korobeiniki (trad. russian folk song) - theme from tetris

These songs were also covered by Ozma:
    * Hash Pipe - Ozma
    * Superstar - Carpenters