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How can I find out about live shows more than a day/week ahead of time?

Started by emperorbailey, April 09, 2013, 10:41:30 am

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I feel like Ozma's shows are so secret. There's no email list, or website. Songkick emails me, but doesn't get much notice (that's how I just found out about the Bottom of the Hill show).
Their FB page just has posts from Brummel talking about a show "tonight" or "this week."
I'm not in CA and I'd have to make some travel plans to hit one of the shows. I bet I'm not the only one. A month or two would be really nice.
It would also help if I knew all the upcoming shows, and could pick the most convenient to try for.

Most bands are happy to collect my contact info so they can inform me when it's time for me to hurl my money at them.
I also don't think it's unreasonable to hope for some proactive contact from the band (i.e. a mass email or something), rather than just "you should come to ozmafans every week and see what's new."
Is there a medium you all are getting this info from, that I should sign up for?

Are these shows actually being booked a week ahead of time, or do we have a failure to communicate?


haha, this is a good point. I was totally caught by surprise about the show in SF this Tuesday. I feel like I almost missed out hearing about it. I don't have anything intelligent to add other than, yeah, I agree. It'd be nice for some forewarning. Luckily I live in SF these days so I should be able to make it.  ;D


twitter is a godsend. follow @ozmaofficial and especially jose @josegalvezmusic.

of all the ozma members, i feel like jose is the most active (twitter, fb, etc.) in terms of promoting upcoming shows.