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Ryen in a yellow ski mask for a dollar

Started by machatte, June 26, 2009, 06:17:32 pm

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Hi people -
Two Ghost Broz.(www.myspace.com/tgbmusic) went undercover as a band called Mother Mountain recently to perform three songs live for a new internet video company called Vidged who are going to become huge on facebook (they think)
The first song available for download is called Mother Mountain - the picture and sound quality are PRO -  I normally don't do things like this but I thought it would be fun to wear a ski mask on the internet  and sing songs -  if nothing else please check out the 25 second sample clip and let me know what you think. 

Directions to download:

1) Have a facebook account....and be signed in.
2) Go to www.vidged.com or searched for vidged
3) Click on the "Click to join the fun" link
4) "Agree" and Install the application
5) Click the "Browse Videos" tab
6) Select "Premium" from the list of categories on the right
7) Select "Video Single - Mother Mountain"
8) Click "Add to My collection", enter your paypal or CC info. and for a buck, you're off to the races.