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baby champ. saturday march 20, 2010

Started by hipsun, March 18, 2010, 01:07:19 pm

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kenn "the guy who played drums on pasadena" is playing a once annual show with his other band, baby champ, this saturday at the prospector in long beach. he is also playing drums for a band called katie the pest right after baby champ. kenn shane gets around!


omg! myspace is such a graveyard, but it's still good for a quick link to music samples. come on facebook.... once you get music figured out, rupert murdoch can feel even more super stupid about his $600 million dollar gamble.

addressing the haters preemptively:

how is this ozma related?
kenn played drums on pasadena.
greg co-produced pasadena and recorded lots of ozma demos.
ryen has a cameo on the second baby champ record.
ryen played guitar for baby champ at one show in 2008.
ryen will be at the show so you can pester him about when ozma is gonna make a new record.

if "ilikeozma" has anything smart to say i'm gonna drive to his mommys house in yucaipa and pee pee on him.


I don't think "smart" is ever the correct adjective for describing something Ronnie would say.



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lol why do you believe she lives yucaipa? Why do you think he lives with her? Don't you know that he will just pee on you back during the process and laugh?
Quote from: antiuser on December 09, 2007, 11:35:30 am
There aren't many bands out there that treat their fans like Ozma does.

I Like Ozma

I dont know anyone on the board with the username "ilikeozma"

but anyway, do you ACTUALLY think that anyone on here is gonna go see Suck (errr i mean baby champ) live? hasnt worked in the past, and wont this time...
Quote from: Elliott on December 09, 2006, 03:02:12 pm
Good point, too bad theyre gonna criticize you now.


i would go if i lived in LA. come up north! if you guys open for ozma (whenever that is), i'll be sure to make all of my friends go.

and, to suck your dick even more, my itunes says that i listened to faya/maya roughly 40 times (plus fifteen rotations in the car) since the download. that's impressive considering the fact that all i listen to is pinkerton and metal/grind.
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Quote from: oatmeal on March 19, 2010, 09:06:53 am
lol why do you believe she lives yucaipa? Why do you think he lives with her? Don't you know that he will just pee on you back during the process and laugh?

i actually like drinking pee, so i will be enjoying the "torment" he puts me through.

pinkerton, metal grind, and baby champ? duh. you are my new favorite person.

i like eating pizza. i just had some. now i'm about to go play a show. i am also crying because i have been informed that our new name is "suck". i will kill myself tomorrow.

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Quote from: I Like Ozma on March 19, 2010, 10:55:52 pm
Suck (errr i mean baby champ)

Is there a charity that I can donate to that helps people for whom this is the limit of their cleverness? This is some Ethiopia level tragedy right here... the distended belly of your post all making me want to change the channel.
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